Weight. It's not just about what you eat, it's how you live your life.

Are you a woman in your 40s who is fed up with being overweight? Do you desire to work with a weight loss coach, but don't quite have the budget to hire one? If so, you're invited to join an exclusive group for the fabulous 40ish woman who desires to Stop. Dieting. Foreverâ„¢. In this group, you will learn how to reach your goal weight by focusing - not just on food - but on creating better habits, preparing healthier meals, and getting rid of your old dieter's mindset. Click below to start your 30-day trial for just $1.

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Who said it's harder to lose weight after you turn 40? #dontbelievethehype

- Coach Jennifer -

Why Do You Need A Weight Loss Coach?

You've been trying for decades and are unable to reach your goal weight and stay there.

You recognize that YOU are your biggest roadblock when it comes to your success.

You want to learn how to live a holistically health life. 

You want to set a better example for your kids. 

Life is short! You want to stop playing around and finally get your 'ish straight.

You're invited to join the exclusive LUXE Life Member Circle

Your virtual coaching experience 

What's Inside the LUXE Life Member Circle?

Coach Jennifer - Certified Holistic Health Coach * Weight Loss Coach * Success Coach * Creator of the Stop. Dieting. Forever. formula * Educator

Weekly Meal Plans Never have to worry about what's for dinner again. Each month, receive 4 weekly meal plans with detailed shopping lists in your inbox. As a new member, you get immediate access to the extensive library of meal plans from prior months.  

Printables + eBooks Discover new ways to manage your weight through transformational exercises, cheatsheets and eBooks. 

Masterclasses + Trainings Deepen your understanding in a variety of areas that are specific to the 40ish woman. Attend on-demand masterclasses and video trainings taught by me and experts who were hand-picked by me to help you create your own LUXE Life.

Community Support When it comes to change, most women aren't consistent in their actions so they don't achieve the results they want. Research shows it's easier to reach your biggest goals with community support rather than doing it alone. 

Content keeps growing in the Circle, but here's a litte taste of what's inside now...

Meal Plans

  • 5 Day Kid Friendly meal plan - easy to prepare healthy recipes created especially for a kid's pallet
  • Sunday Meal Prep Program - step-by-step instructions to prep a week's worth of food in 2 hours or less
  • Real Food Real Quick - budget friendly meals that are ready in less time it takes to order takeout
  • these are just a few of the weekly meal plans members have access to


  • How to Successfully STOP Craving Dairy - For the 40ish woman, dairy can be detrimental to our waistlines. It's easier to say no to dairy, once you clearly understand what dairy is how it holds you back from hitting your goal weight. 
  • Chemicals Not Calories - Understand the missing link that is keeping women in their 40s unhealthy and overweight. 
  • Financial Habits That Will Make You Financially Fit - Taught by a budgeting bad ass expert who went from bankruptcy to Certified Financial Education Instructor. 
  • Fresh Start - Create a doable 90-day plan to get organized, stop procrastination and achieve your health goals by putting everything down on paper. 
  • Stop Dreaming and Start Planning - In need of a career change? In this class, learn to create a 90-day action plan to move from ho-hum job to the career of your dreams.
  • Master Your Morning Mini-Course - Improve your odds of weight loss success by getting your mind right in the morning. By doing this you can banish stress, boost productivity and create a perfect day every day.


  • Flip the Switch for Weight Loss Success - Learn the questions to ask yourself to break through any mental-barriers that are blocking your success.
  • The Stop. Dieting. Forever. formula - All the steps outlined in a pretty one-page printable. 
  • Stop. Dieting. Forever. Certificate of Completion - Keep your eyes on your goal with this beautiful commitment certificate to hang on your wall. 
  • Breakthrough Journaling - My powerful 3-step journaling process to break through your limiting beliefs and help you achieve your weight loss goal by removing all the energy draining chatter in your head. 
  • How to Ditch the White Stuff - Sugar! - Discover how to cut refined sugar out of your life, for good! 
  • What Fats to Eat to Help You Lose Weight - Cut the confusion with what to eat with this detailed list of what healthy fats are best for your body. Comes with additional explanation in a downloadable audio so you can listen on the go.  
  • How to Create Your Own Vision Board - Simple instructions on how to create your own vision board to keep you inspired and motivated! 


  • Stop. Dieting. Forever. - The 7 daily habits that are the foundation of the Stop. Dieting. Forever. lifestyle.
  • The Zen Life - Confused about meditation? Get the low down on different types of meditation, how moments of silence can benefit you and how to get started with your own practice. 
  • Your Simple Guide to Eating Clean and Shopping - The title says it all! 

+ NEW content added on a regular basis

The LUXE Life Member Circle

The only membership you need for stress free, deprivation free weight loss

I decided to make this easy for you.

With so many conflicting diets out there, it's hard to know who to listen to. Most women spend decades going from diet to diet to diet searching for that magic bullet. 

To save you more time and energy looking for the next best thing to lose weight, I created a "hub" for all the healthy living tools and strategies you need to help you get to your goal weight. 

I know that one-on-one weight loss coaching may be on your wish list, but maybe you're not quite ready for that investment yet.

Well if you're anything like me, you've already spent thousands of dollars on diet books, programs, mail-order food, supplements, gym memberships and trainers. Have you ever stopped to think how much money you've spent on trying to get to your goal weight? 

It adds up fast! 

So I'm giving you a solution. 

Instead of creating a "one and done" program like so many other coaches, I created a member's club where you can access everything you need to Stop. Dieting. Forever. for an INSANELY LOW PRICE. 

Pay just $22 a month to continue after the trial is over. No obligations, no contract, cancel at ANY time. 

See what others are saying about the LUXE Life Member Circle so far...

Here's what a couple of my amazing members have said.

"Since I have become a member of the LUXE Life Member Circle, I have been feeling more motivated to keep on track than I have in the past. I can tell it's going to be a great year!!!"

-Janeen New Brunswick, NJ

"Today is weigh in day! Guess who's 7lbs. down in TWO WEEKS?! YEP...this girl right here! #feelingmyself"

-Danielle Atlanta, GA 

The LUXE Life story: Hi, I'm Jennifer!

When I become a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I realized weight isn't just about what you eat or how much you exercise. Your weight is a reflection of all the decisions you've made in your life up until now. Even though you may desire to live a better life, you may be unequipped to make the best decisions to support your desires. When you feel a sense of unfullfilment and failure, you turn to food to make you feel better. I love coaching clients one-on-one, but I recognize that option isn't accessible to everyone so I created the LUXE Life Member Circle where I share all of my best tools and strategies to help you achieve your weight loss goals. I sincerely hope you'll take advantage of the trial membership and get to know me!

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