You're not failing, your schedule is. 

Manage Your Time + Lose The Weight


Scheduling Success A time management system for weight loss

You know what you need to do to lose weight. Eat better, exercise more, sleep more and stress less, right?  

Every week, you start off with grand plans to cook all your healthy meals and hit the gym 4 days that week all while taking 10 minutes to meditate daily and get in the bed early. 

But every week, no matter how much you try, it doesn't happen.

One week, you may be able to get your workouts in, but you don't have time to meal prep and you end up buying take out three times that week.

Another week, you are on point and you wake up early every day that week, but by the end of the day, you're so exhausted, you don't have the energy to meet your workout buddy so you cancel. 

Some weeks you do well and some you make no progress at all. 

And frankly, you're drained and getting frustrated because of your inconsistency. 

Sometimes you feel like you want to give it all up - eat whatever the hell you feel like eating, cancel your gym membership and spend your evenings on the couch with a glass of pinot watching ratchet TV. 

You seriously contemplate, giving up every healthy habit you want to implement and resign yourself to just being sick, tired, and overweight the rest of your life. 

You see other women around you, losing weight and making it look so easy. What are they doing that you're not doing? 

If you don't create an effective plan on a weekly or daily basis, becoming disorganized is easy. And you find yourself saying, "There goes another gym membership fee that was wasted this month!"  

But when done right, an effective and efficient schedule is a beautiful thing and can bring you that much closer to your weight loss goals in a shorter period of time.  

So, don't give up yet!

Your problem has a solution!  

Do not go back to your unhealthy ways until you learn to become more effective with your planning.  

This one-on-one coaching package is all about letting go of your traditional ways of getting things done and being open to a new and beautiful, graceful scheduling process that doesn't leave you overwhelmed, unmotivated, and unbelievably tired. 

Yes, it is possible. 

Yes, I've done it (and my clients have too). 

This is not meant to be difficult. Your weight loss success is not meant to be stressful or frustrating.

It's meant to be freeing, fun, and a whole lot easier than you're making it right now. 

Do you want to learn exactly what the most successful women are doing? I know you do. This is why...


 ...for a limited time only

Your total investment: $597 $497 

Here's what you'll learn...


Get Your Mind Right

We'll explore your innate mindset as it relates to personal growth. We'll identify any obstacles and implement necessary mindset shifting strategies. 


Redefine Your Relationship With Time 

In this session, we'll deep dive into your relationship with time. Are you constantly without enough of it? Are you always rushing around? Constantly late to appointments? We'll uncover the cause of the constant overwhelm. 


Delegate +Eliminate  

How do you know whether you're on the right track with your schedule? In this session, I'll discuss what question you need to constantly ask yourself as you keep moving forward.


Control Your Calendar

This goes way beyond creating to do lists. In this lesson, I'll show you how to prioritize all your tasks so that you will be able to control your calendar and regain control of your life.  


You + Me = Scheduling Success  

During this week, we'll have an open discussion about any obstacles you've encountered as you implement your new scheduling process, Together, we can tackle any issues that may come up and keep you on the path to scheduling success. 


 This price will increase on October 9th 

Your investment: $597 $497 

Can you imagine learning...

  • What is causing you to be constantly overscheduled (and it's not your boss' fault) so that you can stay clear of time-sucking activities  
  • How to ensure your daily and weekly to-dos get done so that you have time to do important things like workout, practice self-care, and cook healthy meals 
  • How to learn to love your schedule instead of looking at it as a source of overwhelm and stress 
  • How to make ANY day a successful day, even when you fall off track, oversleep, or legitimately “don’t have enough time” 
  • Proven tips on how to control your calendar so that you can regain control and freedom over your life 
  • Clearly identify what activities are wasting your time so that you can banish time wasters from your life forever  
  • Simple strategies to help you free up more time. You'll be wondering, "why did I do this before?"  
  • How to free your mind and your time so that you always have time for healthy activities  
  • The two simple technology tools you need to achieve Scheduling Success (and you can access them for free)!

This is DEFINITELY for you if:

  • You know what to do to get the weight off, you just seem to have a hard time implementing consistently
  • You haven't been able to lose 5 or more pounds in the past 90 days
  • You're not excited about your day to day schedule
  • You're constantly running late to appointments and shuffling things around to accommodate new appointments
  • You're done with feeling overwhelmed and out of control
  • You are tired of spending money on expensive planners and apps that don't work the way you need them to

This NOT for you if:

  • You think it's okay to always be busy, busy, busy
  • You're not willing to do what it takes to get your schedule under control 
  • You make excuses for why you can't seem to lose weight


If you know you want this, you're excited and want to make the leap, and if you're over letting your chaotic schedule rule your life, then take action right now while you're on this page and sign up. 

Don't tell yourself that you're going to do it later, beause you probably won't. What will happen is your old patterning tells you to just play it safe and then you end up staying exactly where you are right now

This isn't just about losing weight, it's about you creating a whole new way of living where you start to expect what you deeply desire, those big visions and dreams can become your reality.